Vetting Expert Sources

At Earned Media, we often consult with industry professionals who lend their expertise to our content, adding depth, context, and validation. 

Expert sources are crucial for ensuring accurate, reliable, and insightful content. We have a thorough vetting process that ensures the credibility of our experts, which leaves us feeling confident about their accuracy.

Why do we vet expert sources?

Expert sources are critical in our content creation process, offering insights based on extensive knowledge and experience in their chosen field. Their expertise helps us dive deeper into complex topics, validate our content, and provide our readers with practical, trustworthy advice.

However, we also recognise that the title ‘expert’ can be misleading, so we have implemented a vetting process to ensure our expert sources are authorities in their respective fields.

Our vetting process

  1. Credentials and qualifications: The first step in our vetting process is to verify the expert’s qualifications. We look for advanced degrees, certifications, or other formal training relevant to digital marketing. However, we also value real-world experience and achievements in the field.
  2. Reputation and track record: We investigate the expert’s reputation within their field. This includes their professional history, contributions to the field, publications or presentations, and feedback from peers and clients.
  3. Independence and bias: We assess potential conflicts of interest that could influence the expert’s views. For example, we would be wary of an expert who a company pays to endorse their products. Our goal is to provide unbiased, objective information to our readers.
  4. Availability for follow-up: We prefer experts willing and able to engage in a dialogue about their expertise. This might involve answering follow-up questions, clarifying complex points, or discussing the latest trends and developments in their field.

Our commitment to finding high-quality, expert sources is just one of the ways we can ensure we provide trustworthy, reliable content. By sourcing credible and authoritative experts, we can give you, the reader, high-quality information that helps you succeed.

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