What is SaaS SEO?

SaaS SEO is the process of implementing an SEO framework that drives organic traffic to your SaaS website. SEO for SaaS companies helps you appear higher on search engine results pages for a list of targeted keywords.

There are many SEO optimisations for SaaS, including on-page optimisation, off-page SEO, a link-building strategy, and technical SEO. 

Many of these elements are similar to the SEO consultation that SEO companies would provide for any business; they are all proven SEO tactics designed to increase organic traffic to help fulfil business goals.

We understand that a SaaS brand needs a slightly different approach at Earned Media.

How is SaaS SEO

SaaS SEO is somewhat different because the stakes are higher for SaaS and B2B SaaS businesses, meaning it’s crucial to claim a top spot in search engine results.

Also, claiming the top spot will enable exponential growth.

SaaS marketing teams need an effective inbound marketing strategy to bring qualified leads into their sales funnel. Effective SEO that drives organic traffic and leads is a valuable way to attract potential customers from their target audiences.SEO reduces a business’s dependency on paid ads.

Earned Media has helped SaaS clients and is known as an SEO agency that drives targeted organic traffic. This is proven to increase conversion rates and grow your business.

What we do with SaaS SEO

SEO services for SaaS businesses is much the same as other businesses. Still, we need to tweak our SEO strategies to ensure optimum results for your SaaS company.

Enterprise SEO

Our enterprise strategies for B2B SaaS businesses are scalable and strategic, so the sky’s the limit regarding the SEO results you can achieve.  You’ll need to take into competitor analysis to continually increase organic traffic and maintain a prominent position through intelligent keyword research to find opportunities in the market. Our SaaS SEO experts will put together a strategy for your large-scale SaaS business to optimise your marketing efforts and stay ahead of the competition.

Quality link acquisition

Staying top of organic searches requires quality backlinks and content. One critical ranking factor for Google is that you have many high-quality, authoritative sites that link to your website. That’s why link building is critical to SaaS companies.  Obtaining links with a higher domain authority improves your rankings and online visibility. Earned Media can adopt several white-hat, ethical link-building solutions as part of your digital marketing strategy. 

SaaS SEO strategy

An SEO strategy should focus on the user experience first and Google’s crawlers second. Our SEO experts will work with your marketing team to listen to your business goals and needs and develop a B2B SaaS strategy to try and meet your specific targets. We consider all ranking factors when using Google Analytics to track progress and will adapt strategy as needed in conjunction with your project manager or team lead.

SaaS digital PR

SEO agencies must use several digital PR tactics to increase brand visibility and get their SaaS business seen. Through guest posts, influencer outreach, social media marketing, and other PR marketing efforts, we’ll optimise your website to rank high on Google, improving brand awareness and consumer trust.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO includes the website layout, loading speed, page schema and other back-end elements that affect the user experience.  SaaS and other software companies should have a seamless user experience; both Google and users will judge your site if it’s not user-friendly. Performing technical SEO auditing will allow us to identify areas for improvement, making your website faster, easier to crawl, and more accessible for users and search engines.

SEO audits

An SEO strategy is only as good as the metrics you track and learn from. We won’t make any suggestions for strategy until we’ve performed a thorough SEO audit of your site.  The audit will involve finding strengths and weaknesses and identifying ways to increase those SaaS conversion rates through SEO. But, we won’t stop there. Google algorithms are constantly evolving, so we’ll need to keep measuring our SEO efforts, whether through a technical SEO audit, content audits, or a variety of other ways to track progress.

Keyword research

Keyword research is the foundation of everything we do in SEO. And, An SEO expert always knows that you have to create a unique strategy for every business; it’s never a one-size-fits-all solution.  Our keyword research will identify keyword gaps between you and your competitors to inform all SaaS content that fills your website. We’ll target keywords at the top of the funnel right through to the bottom to cover every step of the buyer’s journey.

Content writing

At Earned Media, we take care of all your content creation needs with content marketing strategies. From creating blog posts to landing page copy — our content writing service will provide value to your business and customers.

SEO copywriting

We combine a content strategy with sophisticated keyword research to create high-quality content that ranks well. SEO copywriting principles allow marketers to create well-written, SEO-optimised content with expertly written meta descriptions, alt tags, and title tags to make the most of on-page SEO.

Search intent research

SaaS companies must endeavour to understand user intent. What are users searching for when they type in a particular search term? We understand that the various types of search intent direct the content we should produce for you. The four types are
  • Informational.
  • Navigational.
  • Commercial.
  • Transactional.
We can advise SEO strategies that help your website meet all four types of search intent so that you offer something relevant to every searcher, gaining authority in the process.

SaaS local SEO

Many SaaS SEO agencies will neglect local SEO. That’s because SaaS companies are often location-independent. However, local search results often increase conversions through long-tail commercial queries. Our marketing teams can leverage local SEO tactics to direct organic search traffic to your SaaS website. Therefore, investing in local SEO tactics like targeting local keywords, creating localised landing pages, and creating locally relevant content is always worthwhile.

Frequently asked questions

Many SaaS companies use the agile methodology framework for planning, executing, and evaluating ideas. These are often called ‘sprints’ and usually revolve around a certain period, for example, quarterly. Our team can work with your goals and internally run our sprints that match your SaaS company’s goals.

The link-building quality should be substantially higher, targeting big brands you already know and trust (think, BigCommerce, Monday.com, HubSpot, etc.). 

We use a variety of strategies to build links, such as the byline technique for finding quality guest posting opportunities that are often not advertised (I.e., sites that do not have a “write for us” page). 

We also use the estimated traffic value method to find the most valuable pages to get link inserts (niche edits) from. Most of these pages are ranking on page 1 for semantic-related keywords. Plus they’ll often have a lot of high-quality referring domains to these pages. Some of our best links have been built this way, with the estimated page value being north of $100K.

You can find out more information about various different link building methods we use, how we quality check sites, and more in this epic link building guide that our team has created.

We’ll personalise a SaaS SEO campaign to increase organic traffic and get an edge over your competitors.

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