What is franchise SEO?

Franchise SEO services help franchise brands improve their search engine visibility. A franchise website is a website that promotes an overall brand while also offering location pages for multiple locations of the brand. 

Franchising SEO must address this business element with different SEO tactics. Multiple franchise locations mean business owners should create localised landing pages for each area to target local customers. 

Localisation can present challenges to franchises and can be overcome with a tailored franchise SEO strategy.

What do SEO packages for franchises look like?

As a franchisor and a franchisee, you don’t want your business to appear lower in Google search rankings than less authoritative local businesses. You want to be at the top of Google search results for local searchers to bring traffic to your website from potential customers in the area.

And you have to do that with targeted SEO for multiple locations within your website while maintaining brand consistency.

Earned Media’s SEO franchise strategies focus on: 

  • Comprehensive local SEO strategies.
  • Location-based keywords.
  • Location-relevant content creation.
  • Research into local markets.
  • Scalable keyword research.
  • Link building.
  • Content strategy creation.
  • Technical SEO.

These specific focuses go alongside our usual thorough SEO services, all tailored and optimised for the franchise context.

What we do with franchise SEO

As one of Australia’s leading SEO agencies, we offer the following services from our SEO experts to increase brand awareness and improve business growth. These SEO tactics improve your franchise’s website rankings in search engines across multiple business locations.

Franchise enterprise SEO

Many franchise owners oversee businesses with many website pages, high revenue, and an already robust marketing strategy with a fantastic online reputation.  However, these enterprise businesses and franchises need specialist SEO tactics to gain and maintain a prominent position in Google searches. We offer tailored SEO strategies and specific account management for larger businesses looking to rank highly for competitive target keywords, ensuring those conversion rates climb ever higher.

Quality link acquisition

At Earned Media, we believe in ethical SEO best practices, meaning that we understand that link-building strategies must be 100% white-hat.  We’ll employ several techniques that help you obtain those critical, high-value backlinks from authoritative websites. For franchises, that means an extra focus on the authoritative local websites for each franchise location.  It’s not just about external links, though. We’ll also review your internal link strategy and advise how to link between website content and optimise website design to improve your site structure for SEO purposes.

Franchise SEO strategy

SEO for franchise strategies come from teamwork. We work with business owners and marketing teams to listen to your goals and needs.  We’ll identify areas for improvement and establish clear expectations for how we believe you can improve your search ranking. We’ll explain optimising national and local-based searches for all your franchise locations.

Franchise digital PR

Navigating PR for franchises with many locations and franchisees can be a minefield. We can provide dedicated account management to help oversee these PR digital strategies. Whether you’re a nationwide law firm or a regional real estate agent, you need to take care of your reputation management. At Earned Media, we want to help franchises attract new business through efficient lead generation techniques while protecting the brand reputation. As an SEO company based in Sydney but with a nationwide presence, our experts can help franchises and local franchisees with their PR campaigns across the country. Everything is underpinned by the need to incorporate SEO best practices into all marketing activities.

Franchise technical SEO

Technical SEO entails the SEO elements concerning web design and web development that help search engine bots crawl and index your site effectively. It ensures your Core Web Vitals are running healthy — things like page speed and loading times that do not compromise a user’s experience.  Getting technical SEO right for franchises is critical for your location-based pages and avoiding getting penalised for duplicate content, toxic backlinks, and keyword cannibalisation.  For example, you should mark up your location-based landing pages with structured data. This gives Google a better idea about the location context of your pages. This approach makes schema markup a fantastic way to improve the optimisation of a website at scale. Our team can help with this advice to ensure your technical SEO is all on point for better performance in local organic searches.

SEO audits

All of our SEO advice comes from research and evidence-based recommendations. That’s because the first thing we ever do as a reputable SEO agency is to conduct a thorough SEO audit We’ll assess all aspects of your on-page SEO and your off-page SEO to identify strengths and weaknesses. We’ll then revisit various SEO metrics regularly to see if our strategy is meeting targets.

Keyword research

Sophisticated keyword research and competitive analysis are the bedrock for an effective SEO strategy. SEO for franchisees and franchisors can’t rely on the basic principles of keyword research. Earned Media can help with a scalable keyword research process to do all that location-specific keyword research for you. We’ll also segment all keyword tracking by location to ensure all location-dependent pages hit relevant local keywords.

Content writing

Content optimisation is critical. Our SEO copywriters fine-tune the text for all content writing to ensure it is all SEO-optimised. That even extends to web elements like title tags, meta descriptions, and image text — all crucial details to optimise to communicate your value to Google.

Search intent research

Understanding search intent is vital to fine-tuning SEO strategies for your franchise. Search intent research tries to answer the question, “Why are users searching?” when they type in specific search terms. There are four types of search intent:
  • Informational.
  • Navigational.
  • Commercial.
  • Transactional.
We can drill down into the analytics to help businesses get to grips with search intent to find new opportunities. This approach ensures you target keywords in ways that match user inquiries in specific locations. 

Local SEO

Local SEO refers to optimising for rankings in local searches, as opposed to SEO which tends to think of broader national or international reach. A local SEO strategy is critical for franchises to attract local customers to each franchise location. We’ll help you set up your Google My Business profile and obtain local reviews to ensure you have the best chance of appearing in the Google Maps searches section.  We can help with a comprehensive local franchise SEO strategy to get customers through the door in each physical location or simply increase brand awareness of your services wherever you operate.

E-commerce SEO

If your franchise has an e-commerce element, we offer e-commerce-specific SEO packages. They focus on building online businesses and bringing targeted traffic to eCommerce websites for better conversions.

Frequently asked questions

Earned Media is an SEO-only agency. We do not offer social media marketing, search engine marketing (e.g., Google Ads), or website development. However, if you are looking for social media marketing, Google advertising, or UX design, we’d be more than happy to recommend you to one of our partners.

The five broad categories of franchises are job franchise, product franchise, business format franchise, investment franchise and conversion franchise. Most franchisees will fit into one category that involves different franchising approaches.

Franchise-specific SEO is important because it must cater to all franchises and improve organic search results nationally and locally. This complexity requires alterations to an SEO strategy.

SEO focuses on targeting better Google rankings on a national or global scale. In contrast, local SEO targets location-specific searchers. Local SEO implements strategies to increase organic search results for users with local search intent. 

We’ll personalise a Franchise SEO campaign to increase organic traffic and get an edge over your competitors.

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