Earned Media Fact-Checking Policy

At Earned Media, we recognise accurate and reliable information’s critical role in digital marketing. Fact-checking is crucial to the credibility of our material and our brand. This includes the articles we publish on our platform and those we create for our clients. 

The importance of fact-checking

Misinformation can lead to misguided strategies, tarnished reputations, and lost opportunities, which is why every piece of content we produce undergoes thorough fact-checking before publication. We provide the most accurate and up-to-date information so readers can make informed choices.

Our fact-checking process

We take fact-checking seriously, and our process is thorough and systematic. When writers draft an article, they must provide sources for all factual claims. These sources are then independently verified by our dedicated fact-checkers.

Our fact-checkers scrutinise each claim to ensure it is supported by credible evidence. This involves:

Drafting and sourcing

When our writers create an article, they provide credible sources for every factual claim they make. This initial sourcing is essential to the integrity of our content. It ensures our writers are not making unsupported statements.


Once an article is drafted, it goes to our fact-checkers skilled in research and verification techniques. They will review each specified claim in the article and cross-check it against the sources provided by the writer.


Besides verifying the facts against original sources, we cross-reference these facts with additional authoritative sources. This process helps confirm the accuracy of the information.

Expert consultation

We will contact industry experts for complex topics or for further clarification or validation. These professionals lend their expertise to verify the information and ensure it aligns with current industry knowledge.

We prioritise primary sources wherever possible, such as research studies, official reports, and public records. If primary sources are unavailable, we will rely on reputable industry sources, ensuring they are credible and relevant.

Addressing inaccuracies

While we try to avoid it, errors may slip through on odd occasions. Please contact us if you believe we have published incorrect information. We will investigate promptly. If we find an error has been made, we will correct it immediately. Then, at the end of the article, we will note any corrections with a short explanation of what was changed and why.

Our commitment to rigorous fact-checking underscores our dedication to providing reliable, trustworthy content. By following this policy, we hope to make our readers and clients a reliable resource.