Earned Media Editorial Policy

At Earned Media, we are committed to providing trustworthy, accurate, and insightful digital marketing content. Our editorial policy ensures that our content meets the highest standards of journalistic integrity. This policy outlines the processes and guidelines we follow to maintain these standards.

Conscious language statement

Earned Media’s key objective is to provide superior-quality SEO and digital marketing information. We’re dedicated to employing conscious language in our communication.

We see Conscious Language as the deliberate selection of words and phrases to generate empathetic, inclusive, and prejudice-free content. Our choice of language when discussing digital marketing topics is careful and aimed at avoiding bias or stereotypes.

Our guidelines include:

  • Learning: Engaging in conversations with individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds necessitates an openness to understand and empathise with their unique life experiences.
  • Respect: Engaging in impactful dialogues with people from varying identities, cultures, and backgrounds entails respecting their preferred references and descriptions.
  • No generalisation: Avoid making sweeping assumptions or generalised statements about individuals or groups.

Conscious language is about broadening representation and being purposeful in our communication to help you enhance your digital presence.

Why conscious language is important?

At Earned Media, our commitment is to be your ally in achieving digital dominance. We recognise the power words hold and their potential impact on your digital journey. Our usage of Conscious Language is a testament to our dedication to inclusivity and compassion.

Being mindful of our language choice helps us avoid pitfalls such as misrepresentation or inadvertently stigmatising specific strategies. It ensures that our content is crafted with the utmost respect for the diversity of our readership and employs the most appropriate terminology.

Our readers are on a path to mastering the digital landscape, and we strive to be their steadfast companion, regardless of their background or starting point. We’re determined to upend stereotypes, combat discrimination, and dismantle harmful narratives in digital marketing.

By understanding the experiences of our audience and consciously utilising our language, we craft content that resonates with every reader. This practice allows us to deliver empathetic and inclusive information, fostering a more robust and thriving digital ecosystem.

Conscious language serves as a tool for broadening inclusivity and purposeful communication. As such, our content is structured and phrased in a way that provides the most effective and actionable insights. Our clients are on a journey with digital marketing strategies, and we aim to accompany you through every step.

We also recognise that conscious language constantly changes, and topics change over time. Best practices are not set in stone but evolve continuously, and we will update this statement accordingly.

Content creation and selection

Our writers and editors are experts in their fields, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience. They meticulously research each topic, using various sources, and never shy away from complex or controversial subjects. Each article is thoroughly reviewed before publication.

Editorial independence

Our editorial team operates independently of our business operations. Our writers and editors can research and write without influence from advertisers, sponsors, or other external pressures. Any sponsored content or partnerships with our clients are disclosed and will not compromise our commitment to providing unbiased, reliable information.

Accuracy and transparency

We are dedicated to accuracy in all our content. If mistakes occur, we correct them promptly and transparently, explaining if the error is significant. We also provide a method for readers to report errors or inaccuracies.

Expert review and fact-checking

All our content is fact-checked to ensure its accuracy. We not only have trained fact-checkers working with us, but we also work with a network of industry professionals who review our content for accuracy and relevance. When necessary, we consult additional experts to provide further insight and clarification.

Source verification

We prioritise primary sources to support our content. These include white papers, government data, and original reporting. We use trustworthy secondary sources when primary sources are unavailable, ensuring they are credible and relevant.

Updating content

The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and so is our content. We regularly review and update our articles to ensure they reflect current trends, research, and best practices. Any major updates to an article will be noted.

Ethical guidelines

We adhere to strict ethical guidelines in our reporting, including confidentiality, conflict of interest, and source attribution. We respect intellectual property rights and always credit sources. We do not engage in plagiarism, fabrication, or sensationalism.

Reader engagement

We value feedback from our readers and welcome comments, questions, and discussions. We also reply quickly and respectfully so all our readers feel valued and heard.

By following this editorial policy, we aim to create a reliable, insightful, and engaging resource for digital marketing.

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