What is an e-commerce
SEO agency?

An e-commerce SEO agency provides top e-commerce SEO advice to grow an e-commerce site’s performance. An SEO e-commerce agency implements search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies to grow your online business. 

At Earned Media, we’ll work with your business to provide a comprehensive SEO package that boosts traffic and sales for your e-commerce company.

What we do with
e-commerce SEO

As one of Australia’s leading SEO agencies, we offer the following services to help businesses grow sales through organic traffic.

Enterprise SEO

As a digital marketing agency, we pride ourselves on providing e-commerce development for much larger e-commerce stores. We can match your ambition with an enterprise strategy that targets much higher conversion rates and increased sales on a larger scale.  Our enterprise SEO service involves:
  • A comprehensive approach starts with a strategy session leading to technical SEO audits.
  • Keyword research.
  • A look at site architecture.
  • Driving online growth for your e-commerce site.

Quality link acquisition

With an efficient link-building strategy, our Sydney SEO agency will help you gain high-quality links to your e-commerce site. Quality links signal confidence to search engines that a page has authoritative content, increasing your chances of pushing up the Google rankings in the search results.

SEO strategy

We have a proven track record of providing SEO campaigns leading to e-commerce SEO successes. Working with Earned Media generates faster results. Let us create and execute your next SEO campaign.

Digital PR SEO

We want consumers to know what makes your online business brand distinctive. Digital PR marketing campaigns can increase the visibility of your website on search engine rankings and generate targeted traffic leading to increased online sales. Our PR digital strategies will raise brand exposure, boost consumer confidence, and pique curiosity among consumers, meaning a more efficient lead generation process. Media outreach, press releases, collaboration with influencers, and enhancing your social media marketing efforts are a few of the leading solutions for managing your online reputation.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to the elements that help search engine bots crawl and index your site effectively, including schema markup, website localisation, product optimisation, etc. We also work with a range of technologies like Shopify and WordPress.

SEO audits

Our marketing experts can provide your ecom business with SEO success. As SEO consultants, we’ll first conduct an SEO audit, diving into Google Analytics and other tools to find out everything we can about your website and look for areas where we can add value.

Keyword research

Our keyword research will help inform all content creation helping you optimise title tags, meta descriptions, product descriptions on product pages, blog content, and landing pages for your e-commerce site. We specialise in long-tail keywords that guarantee results. However, we aren’t afraid to go after the short-tail highly-competitive head keywords, too.

Content writing

From creating blog posts to running email marketing campaigns, our content writing staff can handle everything in your content strategy. Relevant content creation is one of the best ways to boost SEO, raise brand awareness, and win customers for your e-commerce business.

SEO copywriting and content optimisation

We create content that provides value to consumers while also optimising for SEO. Generally, one blog content might contain between 50-120 semantic keywords. Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you’d like to check out some of our writing samples.

Search intent research

Research on search intent is essential as Google’s algorithms increasingly put user queries first. We’ll investigate the search terms used by your ideal audience and create top-notch digital content to satisfy user demands. Research on search intent will help you establish authority in your industry and grow your business. Relevant information in your content helps show your audience that you understand the depth of a particular subject and that you are qualified to respond to your customer’s inquiries.

Local SEO

Many e-commerce SEO agencies neglect local SEO as they see e-commerce businesses as location-independent. Why focus on SEO targeting nearby customers for an e-commerce site? However, local SEO contributes to higher lead generation and conversion rates than other forms of SEO, meaning it pays to implement a local SEO strategy even if you want to attract customers nationwide or internationally. Let our marketing experts boost local traffic to your e-commerce site with a local SEO strategy.

E-commerce SEO

Our e-commerce SEO strategies focus on results. We want to grow your traffic and increase sales. We have a range of SEO strategies to help your e-commerce site perform better, from link-building to content writing to on-page SEO. Our approach will depend on the needs and goals of your e-commerce site.

Frequently asked questions

SEO services can provide e-commerce retailers with SEO strategies that help grow their stores by boosting onsite organic traffic and revenue. E-commerce SEO companies help e-commerce brands appear higher in Google rankings, thereby increasing online visibility, which should positively impact the business’ bottom line.

So much of e-commerce success depends on the ability to get the audience to your site. Ranking your site higher in SERPs can work wonders and increase site-wide traffic. 

SEO Agencies help brands increase their organic presence online. An SEO agency like Earned Media will work with businesses to implement strategies that suit their needs and goals. 

The cost of e-commerce SEO varies depending on the SEO package and whether the client pays per hour or project. Reach out to hear our pricing options for our SEO services.

Some SEO companies will produce excellent results, while other agencies may not. We recommend researching agency providers by reviewing their testimonials and blog content. But also look at the brands they work with, and try to find out more about their processes. 

I.e., how and why they want to do something and ask questions like “what kind of results could I expect in 3-6 months?” We also highly recommend asking people within your inner circle to find out what agencies they have used and which agencies performed the best.

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