What is a crypto
SEO agency?

An SEO crypto marketing agency specialises in boosting your blockchain company website’s organic traffic and visibility on Google’s search engine result pages. At Earned Media, we utilise traditional SEO strategies for your crypto website. 

Search engine optimisation is vital for company growth and success. Also known as cryptocurrency SEO, crypto SEO, or blockchain SEO, our advanced SEO strategies will increase traffic and customer awareness and build brand identity. 

The crypto market is highly competitive, but with our rigorous testing, SEO audits, and white-hat link building, we can help you rank for even the most challenging keywords.

What we do with crypto SEO

Earned Media can help your crypto company improve SEO traffic in the crypto niche. Here is a breakdown of some of the services that we offer.

Crypto enterprise SEO

We’re not afraid to help bigger businesses adopt large-scale enterprise SEO content strategies to tackle the most competitive keywords. Our SEO and content optimisation strategies guarantee top results. We won’t settle for second or first best. Instead, we use data-driven tactics to improve your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Quality link acquisition

Link building is vital for SEO success. Search engines judge your domain authority (i.e., crypto and blockchain industry knowledge) on your backlink profile. Earned Media uses white-hat link acquisition strategies to boost SEO for crypto. Crypto link building is quite different to link building for SaaS or enterprise companies because most sites producing crypto content are editorial (news sites).  And because of that, many crypto publications only contain nofollow outbound links, which do not pass on any link juice. We have expertise in gaining quality dofollow links in the crypto space.

Crypto SEO strategy

The crypto and blockchain industries are highly competitive. Crypto keywords have a high search volume, new crypto companies always spring up, and the market is relatively niche. So, how do you make your crypto business stand out from the crowd? At Earned Media, we can help you create an unbeatable crypto SEO strategy to boost organic traffic and increase conversion rates. Our marketing guide can guarantee results with your crypto website’s content optimised for search engines.

Crypto digital PR SEO

Digital public relations and search engine optimisation go hand in hand. Our SEO experts also offer blockchain PR services at no extra cost. We’ll do our best to boost blockchain and crypto SEO results from link-building to media outreach.  We’re more than just a cryptocurrency marketing agency; we create a PR strategy that focuses on whatever you’re looking to achieve.

Crypto technical SEO

SEO for cryptocurrencies involves far more than traditional crypto advertising. Our technical SEO for cryptocurrency companies will look at loading speed, user experience, and website structure. Google ranks cryptocurrency website pages on more than just keywords and links. The search engine also considers the entire user experience, from navigation to accessibility. Unlike other SEO agencies, we’ll support your technical needs and surface-level SEO strategies.

SEO audits

With Google’s algorithms shifting daily, we conduct regular audits and performance reports to ensure website contents remain competitive and optimised. We’ll review each piece of content, and technical SEO approaches weekly, monthly, and quarterly for the best results.

Keyword research

The crypto keyword competition to rank is intense. However, our SEO campaign strategies start with keyword research.  Balancing volume, buying internet, and relevancy requires SEO expertise and an understanding of blockchain technology. We ensure we rank for relevant keywords and optimise less competitive long-tail keywords for better results.

Content writing

Content marketing is crucial for cryptocurrency websites, both off-page for link building and content distribution (E.g., Telegram, Twitter, etc.). This requires copywriting skills and enhanced knowledge of the cryptocurrency niche.

Crypto SEO copywriting

With advanced content optimisation and digital marketing, our crypto copywriting team can attract target audiences to your brand and improve conversion rates. SEO copywriting is a vital part of your crypto marketing strategy, often overshadowed by the dominance of social media and crypto influencer marketing.

Search intent research

Understanding search intent is crucial for conversion rate optimisation. Our digital marketing agency will research user search intent to help build your business’ authority and consumer trust. We’ll get to know your target market and investigate why they start a Google search for crypto-related keywords.

Crypto local SEO

Local SEO search results produce much higher ROI and conversion rates. We’ll use regional keywords, local landing pages, and PR to advertise your blockchain project to local consumers. 

Frequently asked questions

Crypto SEO isn’t like traditional SEO. There are three significant differences between crypto SEO and other industries:

  • Much more technical SEO is in play, especially if you are an aggregator like CoinMarketCap (CMC).
  • The vast majority of crypto sites use nofollow links. Accordingly, we need more creative tactics to earn dofollow links.
  • Crypto is very technical and complex. Therefore, it’s often challenging for general SEO agencies to create optimised content that ranks on page one.

We’ve got experience with crypto SEO ranking and so much more.

A good cryptocurrency SEO strategy prioritises:

  • On-page audits.
  • Expert content.
  • Effective keywords.
  • Ethical link building.
  • Technical SEO services.
  • Landing page optimisation.
  • Featured snippets.
  • Search intent research.
  • Digital PR.

Our crypto services set us apart from other SEO companies. Earned Media accepts payments in many cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and USDC. We’re also open to receiving other forms of payment. 

Yes. We hold Bitcoin on our balance sheet with no intention of selling it in the short term. Our team deals with crypto projects regularly. 

Yes, and we do not charge any extra fees. We charge a flat rate for our digital marketing strategy, PR, and SEO services. For example, if you subscribe to our link-building services, you will pay a flat fee whether we get you links to major publications or high-quality blogs. All our clients pay the same. 

Boosting online presence and organic traffic is vital for business success and growth. SEO refers to the search engine optimisation of cryptocurrency sites. We target specific ranking factors, such as technical SEO and keyword research, to improve lead generation and conversion rates.

While social media and influencer marketing are popular avenues for cryptocurrency organisations, SEO optimisations are vital for organic searches. On-page SEO optimises your website for the user’s experience to rank first on Google, Bing, and other search engines. 

Our search engine optimisation strategies rely on keyword research, SEO copywriting, technical SEO, and search intent research. By adopting a customer-first approach, we can optimise the user experience — which is the Google algorithm’s priority.

We’ll personalise a Crypto SEO campaign to increase organic traffic and get an edge over your competitors.