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Earned Media is owned and operated by Nick Brogden. Nick is the guy that the type of people you probably already pay for marketing want to hire to do their marketing. Now you can hire him directly!

Over 12 Years Industry Experience

Earned Media is a company founded by Nick Brogden, an organic marketing veteran whose career has included creating and executing digital marketing strategies for some of Australia’s leading brands. Earned Media was created with the vision of providing advanced marketing services for challenger brands with specific growth goals.

Nick then sets out to achieve these goals by utilizing not only his own skills but also can bring in specialists from each marketing channel (Google Ads, Social Ads ect) from his expansive network of digital marketing experts.

Nick has lectured on the topic of SEO at UTS and is a respected author in the SME and online marketing industry. He has been published in many popular media publications.

Content Creation

I have developed an auditing process of the first 12 organic results for your target to ensure that you have the absolute best keyword rich onsite content.

PR Campaigns

By leveraging trending topics that relate to your industry I can create content to make you of interest to the press and ensure they are aware of it.

Content Ideation

Highly targeted content ideation is at the core of my strategies as the evergreen nature of the search terms provides exponential growth.

Advanced Link Building

This is the muscle that powers the content and due to the fact I myself am a respected writer for major publications I know what editors are looking for.

We're so confident in delivering results we're happy to work on a month to month basis

Our Ethos

After working in the search engine optimisation industry for over 12 years I have come to realise that a lot of the processes I have seen used by SEO agencies are created to be what is called something along the lines of deliverables which are common SEO tasks not specifically designed to get you closer to your specific targeted. 

The hard reality is that even though these things are going by the book of what needs to be done to ensure ‘good all round SEO’. I always questioned what good actually means. Like, is it good if you don’t hit your goals?

I don’t want to be what is considered an all round SEO within the industry. I want to deliver ethical strategies that kick goals and move the needle!

Where I have been published

These are some sites I either write for or have been featured on them. To see more best to Google me 'Nick Brogden'.

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